Our Story

miscellany finds is a social enterprise that operates a thriving East Vancouver thrift store and a variety of social programs for women and youth. Our programs empower women and youth who are considered “hard to place” in the work force. We’ve helped hundreds of marginalized women and youth transition back into society. Read more below.

miscellany finds is a social enterprise—a revenue-generating, black-owned business that has social goals. As with all social enterprises, we invest our profits back into the community to fund social and environmental change.

miscellany finds grew from the action of a local social justice coordinator, Portia Sam. Portia’s decades of experience in women’s support advocacy and small business leadership was uniquely suited to building this thriving social enterprise.

Portia’s vision was to create a thrift store that would encourage sustainability through recycling and reusing goods while empowering women through a variety of support and training programs.

Today, profits from the miscellany finds storefront fund the programs that help women and youth transition into fuller, stronger lives. In addition, the store itself has become a vital social hub valued by the local community.

We invite you to stop by and become part of our story!

Miscellany Finds


Our Mission

miscellany finds is a social enterprise dedicated to reaching marginalized women who would like to transition back into society. We are committed to the development of programs and training that benefit women of all ages to help them recognize and reach their full potential, through holistic and practical life skills.

We endeavor to actively find ways through our social enterprise to create jobs so women will have secure positions after long term practicum with the social enterprise. We will hold ourselves to the strictest standards of ethical behavior and commit to moving the woman’s community forward with integrity and dedication to our work.


Women cannot grow healthy families unless they themselves are on a pathway of growth and empowerment, to eradicate oppression by working with women and girls of all races, creeds, religion and/or cultural differences to find creative ways to help build self esteem in girls and women from marginalized communities.