Miscellany Finds is a social enterprise that runs programs to empower women and youth who are transitioning into the workforce and independent living.

Our programs empower women who are considered “hard to place” in the work force, including those who’ve experienced:

Domestic violence 


Correctional institutions

Sex trade work

Portia Sam and friend with stack of Huggies diapers

Our Partners

Participants are referred to us by our partners in the community, including government-based employment centres, PLEA programs for at-risk youth, Correctional Service Canada, community courts and the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Some of our partners:

Our Programs

Jobs Skills Program :

Helps women get back into the workplace by gaining confidence and job skills through working in our social-enterprise thrift store.

Youth Initiatives Program :

Offering youth valuable credits to meet their school’s requirement for community volunteer career and planning (CAP) hours.

Gift Certificate Program :

Women in need are sent to us by our community partners. We provide them with gift certificates so they can purchase the clothing and household goods they need to set up a home and move forward in their lives.

Ready For Work :

Hands-on employment training for women and youth in our busy retail store. Internships are three months long, with monthly evaluations. At the end of the internship, we provide participants with a reference letter and interview outfit for their job search.